Why Furniture Mall of Kansas is "More Than Furniture"

How is working at the Furniture Mall of Kansas different from other places you've worked?

Hi, my name's Ron Johnson and I've been with the Furniture Mall of Kansas for a little over eight and a half years. Oh gosh, the Furniture Mall of Kansas is different than other places where I've worked. It's a family owned business, they have honesty, they have integrity. They care not only about the staff that they have employed here, but also about the guests that come through the front door each and every single day.

They made a non-commission showroom, so our only purpose for being here is to help the guests in any way that we possibly can. You don't find that a lot of places where you go to shop.

Why do you enjoy your job at Furniture Mall of Kansas?

I guess my favorite part of working here at the Furniture Mall of Kansas is the job that I have. My job is to greet people when they first enter the showroom, give them a quick layout of the store if they have not been in before, to offer the guests coffee, cookies, water, lemonade, homemade frozen custard. I'm sort of the first face they see when they come in and I want them to realize that this will be a different experience than any place they have ever been before.

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