How to Decorate your Family Room in the Modern Farmhouse Style

Know Your Purpose:

The first step in creating a cozy family room is to know your purpose, know the function of the room.  The example here is an open concept room where you have a dining area connected to a living space.  It's going to be a great place for families to gather together, or for friends to come over and watch your favorite teams or movies.  

The purpose of our room will be to maximize space and create conversation areas that are still connected and overlapping, so everyone has the best seat at the party.    

On one side of the room, we have a sofa, and on the other, we have a sectional that is giving us the most seats per square foot to gather and get as many guests in your home as possible.   

Don't be afraid to pull furniture away from the walls, especially to help utilize awkward spaces, like the space behind a sectional a sofa, where it can become overflow for the dining experience.    

Make it Functional:  

Once you've worked out your space, build the function.  For example, instead of putting the coffee tables in the center of the room, we've cozied them up to the conversation spaces and eating places where they are actually functional.  This also opens a little play area in the center where kids can be kids.  

While none of these pieces really match, they're a collected, eclectic look for the modern farmhouse.  They all have some consistent pieces that are common to each other.  

You have the rustic train trolley table and a galvanized side on the fabric ottoman that's repeated in the galvanized tiered-cart.  The industrial elements carry throughout each of the tables as a unifying feature.  Most basement family rooms have very basic lighting, so when we remember the purpose of the room, we want to layer in lighting to help support our function.  

We also have table lamps on both sides of the room, creating ambient conversation areas that don't get in the way of your favorite movie view.  

Add Your Finishing Touches:  

The next step is to add finishing touches that allow the room to be cozy and personal.  In this room to kick off our modern farmhouse theme, we've started with an inspirational painting, which will set the tone for our colors.  

This soft blue is carried throughout the room with accents in the pillows and we've mixed and matched our patterns to complement each other.  There are a lot of different patterns going on, but they all work because they all exist in the same color family. 

Patterns are repeated throughout the  room.  You have the plaid in the pillows with a buffalo check on the fabric ottoman.  The graphic patterns in the rug and the poof are different sizes, so they pair well together.  

Finish with Your Favorite Things:

Now, we just finish with a few of your favorite things.  Adding personal accents on the coffee table that carry the color through keeps a consistent color story.  Keep the palette neutral and don't overdo it - it's really about gathering together and spending moments together.  Baskets help to add storage to gather toys and remotes, and be sure to keep lots of cozy throws handy.  

Thanks for joining me for Tips & Tricks.  Today we talked about how to create a modern farmhouse family room.  Define the purpose and the function for the room, layer the tables, maximize the seating for the function, and finish the room with touches that suit your personal style. 

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