Welcme to the Furniture Mall of Kansas Tips & Tricks.  I'm Sarah Williams, visual story teller and today we're talking about simple ways to style a bookcase.  We're going to start with a clean canvas, so clear off your bookshelf and wipe it down.

First, determine your shape or pattern.    

Today on this shelf, we're going to do an asymmetrical styling, and we'll arrange the items using a hopscotch pattern.  We'll arrange the books around some vintage artwork.  

We've laid a foundation and created a balance and order through a hopscotch pattern to implement some structure.  However, use whatever pattern makes you feel good about your bookcase.    

Next, set your focal points. 

These great cache pots, set at eye level, are a classic ways to anchor the shelving units.  A great set of candlesticks adds ambiance to the bookshelf.  Gather your collection of books by keeping a cohesive color scheme - black ones here up in the corner, and some nice blues down here.  Use them as risers to help display a collection of beautiful vases.    

Finally, fill in with your favorite things.

A handful of greens helps to soften the structure.  To create unity, keep like items together.  It also creates a nice little statement conversation piece.  On this built-in, I have a great spot for a place to store extra seating.  These great ottomans should do the trick.    

So today we talked about an easy way to style a bookcase.  Step one: choose your pattern.  Step two: lay a foundation with key focal points.  Step three: fill in with your favorite things.      

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