Why Furniture Mall of Kansas is "More Than Furniture"

How is working at The Furniture Mall of Kansas different from other places you've worked?

My name Kelly Hand, and I've worked for Furniture Mall of Kansas for almost four years now.  

We are different.  We have three criteria, in this order - happy familyfirst, happy guests second, and happy business third.  And that happy family is huge.  You hear that a lot in other companies but working here for four years, it's true, and they stick by it.  So the family atmosphere really stands out from anywhere else.  

My favorite part about working here is, again, the family, the family atmosphere.  We get that vibe when the guest walks in and we treat them as part of our family, as our guest.  Watching a guest leave here happy is my favorite.

Does a recent guest experience stand out?

There are quite a few guest experiences that come to mind.  One happened not too long ago.  In mattresses, we have a 120-night happiness guarantee.  A guest came in and they  weren't sleeping right.  Our main is to make sure that guests are sleeping right, so we gave them a one-time exchange.  They exchanged for a Tempur-Pedic mattress and they left here happy.  They're not going to shop anywhere else because of our service and the way we treated them and wanted to make sure they slept the way they should.

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