Why Furniture Mall of Kansas is "More Than Furniture"

How is working at The Furniture Mall of Kansas different from other places you've worked?

My name is Nicole Smith and I've worked here for about four months. Here at The Furniture Mall of Kansas I feel like I have a family and everyone's my friend.  I enjoy who I work with and I enjoy working with the customers as well. It feels like I'm welcoming them into my home.

It's different because I am on my feet all the time and I'm always active. I'm always doing something and it's always a challenge and I really enjoy it. 

Does a recent guest experience stand out?

I did have a customer that I had helped recently that called because her chair wasn't going to be in by the time she needed it.  We took a step above and beyond and said that we would have a loaner chair for her to put in her home before her actual chair arrived. She was just so happy about that and so happy that we could help. Honestly if I had a chair of my own I would have given it to her. I just love being able to find solutions for people.

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