Farmhouse decorating is warm, cozy, and exudes a sense of character from a simpler time, but still eschews modern sensibilities.  What better place to display this style than the bedroom, but how would you start?  Let us help guide you on how to style your perfect farmhouse bedroom in three easy steps.  

Step 1:  In With the Old

One of the elements of a farmhouse bedroom is rustic accents.  In this bedroom we have some beautiful ceiling beams, wood plank wall, and wonderfully rustic wood floors, which all exhibit the "reclaimed" look.  We'll carry on the distressed theme in the white finishes on the headboard, nightstands, and dresser pieces.  Then focus on softening those rustic textures with linens, wools, and velvets.  A tufted gray linen headboard sets the tone for a stately master suite and is complemented in the tufted linen settee at the foot of the bed.  

Step 2:  Keep It Light

The second element of your farmhouse bedroom is the color scheme.  The rustic farmhouse palette is full of wonderful neutrals, which is perfect for a bedroom environment to create a cozy oasis of whites and grays with pops of color that reflect your personal style.  This bedroom has some deep navy blues in the lush velvet bedding, complemented by some beautiful pops of color in the pillows and painting.  

Step 3:  Personalized Finishing Touches

All of spaces within our home should reflect who we are, so finish by incorporating your favorite things, whether that's in your paintings, pillows, or florals.  Choose key places to capture what means the most to you.  Feel free to use colored accent pieces, but try to stay true to the neutral color scheme.  A few well-placed accessories that are given room to breathe are all you need to complete the look.    

Now you know how to create your own farmhouse bedroom with texture, neutral colors, and your favorite things.  For more Tips 'N' Tricks, visit our blog at