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Tips 'N' Tricks: How to Make Your Kitchen and Outdoors Pop!

Using Trays to Decorate Indoors and Out It's that time of year when all the patio doors open and our living spaces double.  I want to give you some quick tips and tricks on ways that you can easily decorate indoors but make it something that can translate to your outdoors entertaining easily. Start with a Tray For starters, I wanted to share an idea about one of my favorite decorating tools - trays. This is a fantastic tray; It has a nice, cozy, rustic charm to it.  Because it's a metal t ...

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Today's Recliners are not Your Father's Recliners

Today's Recliners are not your Father's Recliners Oh, hey, I didn't see you there. Man, if you guys haven tried recliners recently, let me tell you - recliners today are not your dad's recliner. Taking it to a new level of comfort and durability Today's recliners take ordinary reclining to a whole new level. Take, for example, the eclipse recliner from Ultra Comfort. Ultra Comfort is the first manufacturer to use three different motors in one recliner allowing you'to adjust to the perfect c ...

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Online Mattress Brand Casper vs. Traditional Brand Mattress Square off in a Blind Preference Study

Online Mattress Brand Casper vs. Traditional Brand Mattress Square off in a Blind Preference Study Online mattresses are all the craze and it’s hard to go a day without seeing a billboard or TV ad taking aim at the traditional dealers.  But it’s been well documented that sleep is crucial to overall health and well-being, so does it make sense to buy a mattress without trying it?  Well, many people do so we thought it made sense to test and compare, with our guests deciding the outcome. ...

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City Union Mission : Furniture Bank Program

Learn about City Union Mission's Furniture Bank Program from Dennis Chapman, City Union Mission Chief Development Officer You know, we have an opportunity to say to folks, "We can help you, and this is how we'll help you."  First of all we want to be sure that they're income qualified, that they're not going to four or five agencies and getting items that they're then turning around and pawning or doing things with.  We want to treat them with respect, and we want to respect our donors. W ...

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How to Care for Four Popular Types of Furniture

New furniture is a significant investment. You want to be able to enjoy your home comfortably and you want your furniture to keep its fresh, new look. Here are a few tips to cleaning and caring for your new furniture to ensure it has a long life. WOOD Wood furniture does best in low humidity and away from heat or air conditioning vents. Ultraviolet and fluorescent light can cause chemical changes in the wood or finish.  Clean: Avoid using all-purpose cleaners or harsh chemicals like bleach o ...

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Hear Kory Gilmore's Story on Why Furniture Mall of Kansas is "More Than Furniture"

Why Furniture Mall of Kansas is "More Than Furniture" How is working at The Furniture Mall of Kansas different from other places you've worked? I'm Kory Gilmore, and I've worked at the Furniture Mall of Kansas for about two and a half years.  The Furniture Mall of Kansas is different from other places that I've worked because it comes down to the word "family."  It's just really unique.  You don't dread coming work here.  It's a fun environment, and it truly is family.   My favorite p ...

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Hear Kelly Hand's Story on Why Furniture Mall of Kansas is "More Than Furniture"

Why Furniture Mall of Kansas is "More Than Furniture" How is working at The Furniture Mall of Kansas different from other places you've worked? My name Kelly Hand, and I've worked for Furniture Mall of Kansas for almost four years now.   We are different.  We have three criteria, in this order - happy familyfirst, happy guests second, and happy business third.  And that happy family is huge.  You hear that a lot in other companies but working here for four years, it's true, and they st ...

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Hear Nicole Smith's Story on Why Furniture Mall of Kansas is "More Than Furniture"

Why Furniture Mall of Kansas is "More Than Furniture" How is working at The Furniture Mall of Kansas different from other places you've worked? My name is Nicole Smith and I've worked here for about four months. Here at The Furniture Mall of Kansas I feel like I have a family and everyone's my friend.  I enjoy who I work with and I enjoy working with the customers as well. It feels like I'm welcoming them into my home. It's different because I am on my feet all the time and I'm always acti ...

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Hear Ron Johnson's Story on Why Furniture Mall of Kansas is "More than Furniture"

Why Furniture Mall of Kansas is "More Than Furniture" How is working at the Furniture Mall of Kansas different from other places you've worked? Hi, my name's Ron Johnson and I've been with the Furniture Mall of Kansas for a little over eight and a half years. Oh gosh, the Furniture Mall of Kansas is different than other places where I've worked. It's a family owned business, they have honesty, they have integrity. They care not only about the staff that they have employed here, but also abou ...

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How to Style A Bookcase

Welcme to the Furniture Mall of Kansas Tips & Tricks.  I'm Sarah Williams, visual story teller and today we're talking about simple ways to style a bookcase.  We're going to start with a clean canvas, so clear off your bookshelf and wipe it down. First, determine your shape or pattern.     Today on this shelf, we're going to do an asymmetrical styling, and we'll arrange the items using a hopscotch pattern.  We'll arrange the books around some vintage artwork.   We've laid a foundati ...

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Do I Need a Box Spring for my Memory Foam Mattress?

A very common mattress question we are asked regards the necessity of a box spring for a memory foam mattress.  It's a great question, but in short, "YES," you do need a box spring or some kind of solid foundation for your memory foam mattress.   What are my foundation options?     Three common options include a box spring, platform bed with solid surface, or platform bed with a Bunkie board.  A Bunkie board is used with a platform bed that has slat rolls because you need a solid sur ...

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How to Style Your Home Office Bookcase

Welcome to the Furniture Mall of Kansas Tips and Tricks.  My name is Sarah Williams, visual storyteller.  Today we're talking about how to style a bookcase for your home office.      Step One: Choose a pattern.  In this room I'm going to use a very simple, balanced, orderly way to contain all of the items so we have a serene space within to work.  Just set the books in an easy to understand way, but change the direction in a couple of spots to keep it interesting.  Step Two: The ne ...

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Top Three Questions People Ask About Mattresses in the Store

These are the top three questions people ask about mattresses in the store: What kind of mattress lasts the longest - Memory Foam, Hybrid, or Coil?   The answer to that is really that they are all about the same in terms of longevity.  The warranty on each mattress is going to be at least 10 years.  It just depends on the body impression, of how far it would have to sink down for us to replace the mattress.  Memory foam, coil, or hybrid, are all going to be fitted to you personally and ...

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How to Decorate your Family Room in the Modern Farmhouse Style

How to Decorate your Family Room in the Modern Farmhouse Style Know Your Purpose: The first step in creating a cozy family room is to know your purpose, know the function of the room.  The example here is an open concept room where you have a dining area connected to a living space.  It's going to be a great place for families to gather together, or for friends to come over and watch your favorite teams or movies.   The purpose of our room will be to maximize space and create conversati ...

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How to Narrow Down Which Mattress is Right for You.

One of the most common questions we get when people walk into our mattress ring - when they're kind of overwhelmed by how many mattresses we have - is "How do you help narrow it down when there are so many options?"     Take Sleep Assessment:   One of first things we do is recommend our sleep assessment and test area.  We grab you a pillow based on whether you sleep on your side, back, or stomach.  We have three sleep test beds which are firm, medium, and soft.  From there, we're goi ...

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Top Five Questions to Ask Before You Shop for a Mattress

Mattress shopping can be overwhelming.  Here are a few tips to help you save time and ensure you are on track for the perfect mattress.   How long should my mattress last?       As a rule of thumb for mattress replacement, we usually say 8 to 10 years.  Dead skin cells and bacteria get inside mattresses which is not the most hygienic situation.  Back pain, sagging, or other comfort issues are signs a new mattress may be in the works.   Generally, new mattresses will last around 1 ...

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What's Your #1 Selling Mattress?

It’s one of the most frequent questions that is asked of our specialists and it's difficult to pinpoint one mattress.  Mattress choice is different for everybody and they feel different for everybody as well.     Our Best Selling Brand However, we do have a number one selling brand, Tempur-Pedic.  One of biggest reasons that Tempur-Pedic is one of our best sellers is not really about price.  The biggest reasons are durability and how well it’s going to contour to your body.     ...

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Why are There so Many Price Points for Mattresses?

What is the difference between a $699, $1,299, and $3,000 mattress?  A few things... An Entry Level Mattress For example, a Sealy queen mattress for $699 will get you a standard entry-level memory foam mattress  This a great choice if you're looking for a memory foam mattress on a budget. But it’s not going to have the cooling technology or the warranty length of other higher-priced options.   A Mattress that's a Step Up How about the Sealy priced at $1,299 for a queen mattress only. ...

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How to Create a Modern Farmhouse Living Room in 3 Easy Steps

Hi, I'm Sarah Williams, Visual Stylist with the Furniture Mall of Kansas. Today we're going to talk about how to create a modern farmhouse living room in three easy steps. The elements of a modern farmhouse living room include texture, a neutral color scheme, and all of your favorite things. Step 1: Texture To begin, let's look at the textures. You have a lot of rustic elements, including beautiful wooden floors, the tile that runs up the modern fireplace with a rustic wooden beam mantel. Y ...

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How to Style a Farmhouse Bedroom in 3 Easy Steps

Farmhouse decorating is warm, cozy, and exudes a sense of character from a simpler time, but still eschews modern sensibilities.  What better place to display this style than the bedroom, but how would you start?  Let us help guide you on how to style your perfect farmhouse bedroom in three easy steps.   Step 1:  In With the Old One of the elements of a farmhouse bedroom is rustic accents.  In this bedroom we have some beautiful ceiling beams, wood plank wall, and wonderfully rustic wo ...

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What are the Risks of Buying a Mattress Online?

What are the Risks of Buying a Mattress Online? Hi, welcome back.  I'm Kory Gilmore, Sleep Specialist at the Furniture Mall of Kansas.  Today we're going to be talking about why it's a gigantic gamble to buy a mattress online. #1:  You Can’t Try it Before You Buy It!   Whether it's firm, medium, or soft, just by looking online, there's so many in-betweens in there, it's really hard to get a true feel for the mattress that you're going to be looking at. #2:  It's a Huge Pain to Ship ...

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What is the Best Mattress for Back Pain?

"What is the best mattress for back pain?" is a very common question we are asked at Mattress Headquarters in the Furniture Mall of Kansas.  The simple answer is, "It varies for everybody."  Let me explain... There are many mattresses on the market.  In our store we have over 115 available to test.  The goal is to understand what your current sleep situation is by taking our sleep assessment and working with a specialist directly to lead you in the right direction.  From there we can und ...

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How to Style a Modern Eclectic Fireplace - Part 2

Welcome to the Furniture Mall of Kansas Tips and Tricks.  I am Sarah Williams, visual storyteller, and today we're talking about fireplace mantels in the modern eclectic style.  For those of you who don't like to be too traditional or tied down to a certain look, we're going to mix it up for you.  Build a Modern Eclectic Fireplace Mantel in Three Easy Steps: 1) We're going to take this focal piece and place it off-center.  I'm going to start on the left and build from there.  I've taken ...

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How to Style a Modern Eclectic Fireplace - Part 1

How to Style a Modern Eclectic Fireplace Welcome to the Furniture Mall of Kansas Tips and Tricks. I'm Sarah Williams, visual storyteller, and today we're talking about fireplace mantels. Let's style a look for the modern eclectic. Styling your Fireplace Mantel in Three Easy Steps 1) Trending right now are great circle or oval mirrors that are easy to work with and lend a soft feature to the home. We'll use this as our focal piece and start with a very balanced mantel. We'll then add a pair ...

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Can an Adjustable Base Fit Inside my Bedframe?

It’s  one  of  our  most  common  questions  and  the  answer  is:    It  depends... Assess  bedframe  you  currently  have:   - If  you  have  a  regular  headboard,  footboard,  and  rails,  with  just  the  slats  going  across  it,  absolutely.  The  answer  is  yes,  and  most  of  the  time  an  adjustable  base  can  fit  inside  the  bed  frame  on  its  own  legs.  Simply  remove  the  slats  inside  of  your  bed  ...

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Flooring Headquarters Grand Re-Opening

Hi, I'm Kory Gilmore with the Furniture Mall of Kansas. I'm here to talk to you today about the grand re-opening of our Flooring Headquarters. What's New? You may be asking yourself, "What's changed?" To start, we have completely updated our selection. Every one is unique and we pride ourselves in offering a wide variety of styles and price ranges, from carpet, custom rugs and wood flooring, luxury vinyl, ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone tile and countertops. There truly is a solution f ...

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Are Mattress Stores Greedy?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked and rightfully so – Tuft and Needle’s "Mattress Stores are Greedy" advertising campaign has raised the issue and question within consumers’ minds.  So now it’s our turn to tell our side of the story.   The Major Brands and Models are Price Protected Here’s the truth:  The manufacturers dictate the selling price, not the store or mattress dealer.       Price-protected means that no matter where you go across the country, ...

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Review of the New Tempur-Pedic Line

Tempur-Pedic is the gold standard in mattresses.  However, sometimes the price point makes it difficult for some buyers to justify the investment.  Today we’ll be talking about the difference in the new Adapt and ProAdapt line from Tempur-Pedic and how it is opening new markets with their new Adapt Tempur-Pedic line.   A New Entry-Level Tempur-Pedic Adapt is a new entry-level Tempur-Pedic line with the standard TEMPUR memory foam.  It's at a very competitive price point and competes w ...

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Introducing the Eclipse Recliner

Introducing the Eclipse Recliner Hey guys, welcome back.  I'm Kory Gilmore from the Furniture Mall of Kansas.  Today we're going to be talking about the brand new Eclipse Recliner from UltraComfort.  No ordinary chair - it really moves! The Eclipse Recliner is much more than just an ordinary chair.  Most recliners use a center mechanism so only the center of the recliner moves.  With the Eclipse chair, the entire chair moves to give you the ultimate comfort.  Eclipse Recliner Advanta ...

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Introducing SoCozi Massage Accent Chairs

Introducing SoCozi Hey guys, welcome back to Tips and Tricks. My name is Kory Gilmore, I'm from the Furniture Mall of Kansas. Today, we're going to be talking about one of our newest lines, SoCozi.  SoCozi is a partnership between two manufacturers. We have one of our high-end massage chair manufacturers partnering with one of our high-end reclining manufacturers to bring you SoCozi, which is a living room set that reclines and also massages you at the same time. SoCozi Advantages: 1) Dura ...

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How to Design a Farmhouse Style Fireplace - Part 2

How to Design a Farmhouse Fireplace Welcome to the Furniture Mall Tips and Tricks. I am Sarah Williams, visual story teller. Today we're talking about designing a farmhouse fireplace.  Create a Focal Point: We have this great rustic fireplace that we'll work from. We'll start with the mirror as our focal point. Mirrors are so useful for letting extra light in, creating more sparkle, and can really uplift a dark room. Add Layers: We've layered our mirror with a great green wreath.  Wrap ...

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How Long Should a Mattress Last?

It’s  one  of  the  most  common  questions  our  sleep  specialists  get.       To  make  it  simple,  mattress  manufacturers  typicall offer offer  warranty  in  increments  of  three,  five,  or  ten  years.    In  a  nutshell,  this  how  long  a  mattress  should last.   What  You  Need  To  Understand  About  Mattress  Warranties: The  biggest  thing  a  mattress  warranty  is  going  to  cover  against  is  body  impres ...

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How Often Should I Change My Mattress?

Today we're going to be talking about one of the most common questions we get asked, and that is, "How often should we change our mattress?" It’s a great question and there are 8 key factors you should consider. Ask yourself these questions and they will inform whether or not you should be considering a new mattress. 8 KEY FACTORS: 1) Are you tossing and turning all night long, or not getting a good night's rest? 2) Are you waking with a lot of aches and pains? 3) Do you feel like you ...

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