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Serta® iComfort® Memory Foam

Are you looking for the contouring, pressure-relieving comfort of memory foam but worry it could sleep too hot or not feel right for you? It’s time to experience Serta’s newest iComfort mattresses, now designed from the inside out with our most advanced technologies to deliver the cooling comfort and support you need.


The secret to our new iComfort memory foam is our TempActiv™ technology, designed to help you find your right sleeping temperature from the moment you lie down.


We design our premium memory foams to balance the right levels of cushioning and support along the length of your body.



Experience the benefits of Serta’s new TempActiv™ Gel Memory Foam with the Blue 100 Gentle Firm mattress. It offers cooling, pressure-relieving comfort while also supporting every curve of your body. Plus, a layer of EverCool® Fuze™ Gel Memory Foam helps enhance breathability to promote airflow and further reduce heat buildup.

Key Features:

  • TempActiv™ Gel Memory Foam
  • EverCool® Fuze™ Memory Foam
  • Ultimate Edge® Foam Support Core

Over 100 Mattress Models on Display • Commission-Free Sleep Specialists Focus on Your Comfort

We Have It All

At Mattress Headquarters, we have everything from mattresses to accessories to help you get the better sleep you need and crave.


Blue Max 1000 Cushion Firm

Super comfort

Recommended to buy this by a friend who had the same issues with their previous mattress. I was always falling asleep in front of the TV. Now I can be in bed and fall asleep without the disruption of getting up to go to bed and try to fall asleep again.

Blue 100 Gentle Firm

Instant Satisfaction

The first night we could tell the difference immediately, felt like we got a good night of sleep for the first time in years! No tossing and turning, also fell asleep fast!

Blue Max 1000 Plush


If you do not purchase this product, you will regret it. I have no idea how I spent life without this matress to be quite honest. Will never purchase any other brand!

Blue Max 3000 Elite Plush

Complete comfort... Complete satisfaction!

Having been a Serta sleeper for the last ten years, I was thrilled to buy another Serta! I went from a pillow top, coil spring mattress to the Blue Max 3000 iComfort Foam mattress and I haven't slept better. They told me that it would take about 30 days to break in, but I honestly have to tell you I slept for 14 hours on the very first night of use. It may be a bit "too comfortable" because I fear I may not want to get out of bed to go to work. I will say that the Blue Max 3000 has already relieved the stress on my joints. I had planned to purchase the adjustable base for it, but instead went with a standard bed frame and box springs. The only down side of this was that I feel the bed is a bit too high off the ground and I somewhat feel like the "Princess and the Pea" getting into it. All and all, a great buy and sleeping experience!

Blue 100 Gentle Firm

If you want a good night's sleep, this is the mattress.

We love the body molding comfort. Having slept on not so good mattresses for years we wish we would have purchased soon. Our backs thank you.

Blue Max 1000 Plush

Quality and Comfort Without Breaking the Bank

My husband and I recently purchased the Serta iComfort Blue Max 1000 Plush edition Mattress and box spring. I can't tell you how happy I am that we upgraded to this mattress! We received a superior quality mattress that is not only comfortable, but is worth the price - especially a price that is far less than a competitor in which this mattress feels the absolute same in comparison to! Our first night's sleep on it was absolutely amazing! The cooling portion of this mattress was definitely an upgrade I'm glad we did, as I didn't realize sleeping on a cooler mattress would affect me as positively as it has. Being pregnant and already having a hard time sleeping, this mattress makes a nights sleep so comfortable and such a dream. I've had friends purchase the competitor's more expensive brand mattress, but honestly, I'm the one that got the most bang for my buck and this mattress is literally the best. I'd highly recommend this mattress to anyone looking to upgrade their current mattress and move up the line to a superior quality nights sleep. Definitely an A and 5 Stars from my family!

Blue Max 3000 Elite Plush


I love this product because of the conference and the ability to get a better sleep. the comparison for my old mattress to my new mattress. on my old mattress on a scale from 1 to 10 . the old one a 4 and the new one get a big 10. my hat off to Serta for having one the best products out there in the market. i have been looking for the perfect bed for 2 months and i finally found it. now i can sleep well at night knowing that i have a great bed and a company that stands behind its product.thank you for let me have a great night sleep. it have been 5 to 6 since i had a good night sleep. good night now i'm going to bed for a great night sleep in my new bed. thank you thank you thank you thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blue Fusion 200 Plush

Great Mattress

I'm amazed. Its perfect! Not rock hard or plush soft. Super comfortable!Absolutely no movement on one side of the bed when someone is moving around on the other side. I'm absolutely in love with this mattress. I knew that I was going to love it as soon as I laid down on it the first time. It's soft while still being supportive. I love the feeling of sinking into the mattress when I lay down. We've been sleeping on it for a month now and I always feel well rested.

Blue Fusion 300 Plush Pillow Top

This product is amazing!

I have had many different mattresses ranging from beauty rest, to temperpedic and this is the absolute best mattress I have ever owned. Upon arrival of my blue fusion 300 plush pillowtop, I could not get over what good quality the mattress was. The top is thickly quilted, and very soft. I have never slept so good in a bed. This mattress forms and fits every curve of your body. It’s almost like you melt into the mattress. Normally upon waking, I would have aches and pains, but I can honestly say that after sleeping in the bed I had none! I cannot stress enough RUN OUT AND GET THIS MATTRESS! You will not regret it. I know a mattress is a big purchase both physically and financially, but I can promise you will not be disappointed! Serta, you have outdone yourself!!

Blue Fusion 100 Firm

Quality design and good support

This serta mattress is truly quality mattress. As soon as it was delivered Inspected the mattress and it was well package in plastic. Once I removed the plastic I was checking to make sure the mattress was intact. The mattres had perfect stitching no lose threads or imperfections. One placed on my bed frame it fit perfectly. The mattress feels firm and once I layed on the mattres you can feel the firmness and support which eased my daily back pains. Its been a few days Ive slept on my new serta mattress and slept well, less tossing and turning. I also like the color scheme and design of the mattress set. Im very happy with this serta mattress.

Blue Fusion 200 Plush

Best sleep of my life!

I only have great things to say about this bed! As soon as you lay down you get instant comfort and support. I am highly impressed with this mattress and box spring. I suffer from a bad lower back and this has really been helping my body with the morning stiffness I had with my past bed. I have also been getting a great nights rest, and not constantly waking up all the time. An all around win.

Blue Fusion 100 Firm

Amazing Mattress!

First of all, I'd like to say that I absolutely love the color of this mattress. It's a nice navy blue. This mattress is very comfortable. I like something that isn't too hard on my back but also something that isn't too mushy and soft. This is in between. There is good support. Even when I sit up right, it pushes my legs in a way so that my back is sitting straight and is not slouched. The mattress is quite thick and a little heavy. But my husband and I both managed to set it up on our bed frame. It gives you a firm feel. The mattress and the springboard both look very strong. I've had it for about a week and I can tell that it is definitely worth it. If after walking I get tired, then I can expect myself to lay down and relax on this mattress. I would highly recommend this mattress to everyone because it isn't too firm nor too plushy.

Blue Fusion 1000 Luxury Firm

It’s like a cloud

I was skeptical about a firm mattress, but it has blown my mind! I sink into the pillow top and once I’ve sunken in, it gets firm. I’m in love. I love the look of it, the height of it, the squish of it, and the quality of this mattress. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a new bed!

Blue Fusion 300 Plush Pillow Top

Great Product

I really enjoy this mattress. It's firm enough to get the support you need, soft enough to be comfy, and the quality is lovely. The whole mattress is just soft and comfortable. I love that you kinda just sink into it. I'd recommend this product for anyone who wants comfort and support.

Blue Fusion 200 Plush

The Blue Fusion 200 Plush is soft and comfortable!

I was chosen to try the Blue Fusion 200 Plus mattress set. I am amazed at the quality of this product. It's very comfortable. I rate this product 5 stars. Excellent!

Blue Fusion 200 Plush

No more tossing and turning

I was a bit skeptical when this bed arrived and I saw that it was a Firm bed because I am use to my bed being super soft but I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable it is. I was most happy because my husband was sleeping better at night, not tossing and turning all night. He said his body didn't ache in the morning like is had before with our old bed. I think my favorite part was that because he gets up in the early hours of the morning to get ready for work and sits on the edge of the bed to dress I didn't even feel it,before I felt every little movement. I think I am converted to a Firm bed buyer from now on I'm sleeping better, My body feels better and I'm not yelling at the husband at 2 am any more its a win win...

Perfect Sleeper Plush

Great Night Sleep

After sleeping on a sleep number bed for 15 years I was nervous about buying a new mattress but after laying on the Serta brand my fears went out the window. Once I spoke to a salesman and was directed to the type of mattress I needed for being a side sleeper, it was a match made in heaven. The Visby Lake Plush is a great mattress and the quality of the stitching is incredible. I would recommend buying a Serta to any one who is looking for a great sleep experience.

Perfect Sleeper Plush

Very impressed with this set

Great support with this Queen firm set. Have experienced improved sleep with less tossing and turning. Very comfortable. Would recommend to anyone interested in purchasing a new set.

Perfect Sleeper Plush

Very comfortable

No problems, love the mattress, no back or hip pain.

Perfect Sleeper Plush

It'll make you say mmmmmMMMMMMmmmmm

Slept on it for about a week now and I'm getting the best sleep I've gotten in years. I like to change up my sleep positions from night to night so whether I'm on my back, stomach, or side I get great support.

Supportively firm yet plush with comfort

The Elmstead ET is a superior mattress. For being billed as a plush mattress, the Elmstead is quite firm. For those of us that like soft mattresses, this isn’t a bad thing, it turns out. Sleeping on it has shown me that there is such a thing as being firm enough to be supportive while simultaneously being plush. The Elmstead ET is exactly that. Before getting the Elmstead, I slept on an all foam memory foam mattress. It was the softest one that I could find. I loved it and thought I could never go back. Although, as I sleep on my side most of the time, I find that my back becomes quite twisted, my hips roll back and my shoulders roll forward. This simply doesn’t happen with the Elmstead. It helps hold me in alignment all night long. On previous innerspring or more firm mattress, my hip that is in contact with the bed becomes a tad sore. Not with this mattress. With the Elmstead, Serta has found the “just right” balance between support and plush comfort. It also must be said that this mattress has great ventilation I don’t notice any buildup of body heat that get’s trapped between the bedding and the mattress itself. I would recommend this mattress to anyone. And to others like myself, that love a lot of softness in their bed, I would say that you should give this one a try too.

Perfect Sleeper Plush

This mattress provides an amazing night sleep.

This mattress forms to my body well leaving me with a goodnight sleep. It was easy to adjust to the memory foam. The only hard thing is sitting on the corners of the bed while putting shoes on and etc, it sinks in and makes me feel like I will fall off. Everyone that has laid in my bed says it is very comfy and they can tell why I say it's hard to get out of bed some days.

Perfect Sleeper Plush

This product is very supportive and comfortable.

The bed is very comfortable. The bed conforms around you. You sleep like a baby on this bed. The temperature of the bed is excellent, keeps a person cool all night long. You do not feel when another person climbs into or out of the bed, which is wonderful. The bed sits a little high up, so for shorter people it is harder to get into the bed. The bed came in plastic when it was delivered, but the top of the bed had stains on it (we did take pictures). We cleaned the top of the mattress before using. Overall, it is a fantastic bed and would recommend this to people.

Perfect Sleeper Plush

Cool and comfortable

Overall this bed is perfect for a great nights rest. It keeps you at a perfect temperature all night long. It is a good mix between soft and hard. Definitely a bed to try out!

Perfect Sleeper Plush

Great for hot and cold sleepers

My husband and I sleep very differently. He is always hot and I am always cold. He likes a firmer mattress and I like a softer mattress. This is one of the only mattresses we both agree helps us both have a great night of sleep. I can always use more blankets, but my husband loves the Cool Twist Gel Foam, which really has stopped him from overheating in the middle of the night. The mattress is very supportive, though I find it just a tad too firm for my personal comfort level. It's not that I'm not enjoying the mattress – I am – but in a perfect world it would be just a little softer. But, my husband thinks the firmness level is perfect. Overall, this has been a great compromise bed for us and it's one we are sure to continue using for years to come!

Perfect Sleeper Firm

Fabulous Mattress Set

So far the feel of this mattress is outstanding. The inside layers somewhat cradle your body yet pull away the heat for restful nights sleep. The firmness is spot on, not too hard at all. I feel for the money spent it is an outstanding value. Buying a mattress set is difficult for sure and tiresome. Do yourself a favor and read the most recent reviews and go with ones that in the middle of the timeline , once I read those I was convinced this would be the right mattress. Thanks Serta for making a great product and having a great warranty to go along with it.

Perfect Sleeper Firm

The mattress is very nice looking and comfortable and it is very firm which is what I wanted

The mattress is very comfortable and my husband and are are very satisfied with the firmness of the mattress

Perfect Sleeper Firm

Helps with sleep

A comfortable new mattress certainly is a great way to help get a good night's sleep! It is hard to believe that a new mattress set can help you get a good night's sleep! Having sleep apnea, it 's nice when everything works well

Perfect Sleeper Super Pillow Top

Everything is good except a little bouncy

We've been sleeping on it for over a week now. We had a 100% memory foam mattress before and sleeping on that was very nice and sleeping on this is awesome yet can feel my spouse turn over, hence "a little bouncy". As a mom who just gave birth, I really love the comfort of it too. It's a huge relief for my back somehow.

Perfect Sleeper Super Pillow Top

Great Product

On first try of this mattress I loved it. It is firm like I needed, but not too firm. I was able to easily get a restful nights sleep with ease on this bed. The bed was very comfortable, even for two people.

Perfect Sleeper Super Pillow Top

comfortable yet firm mattress. great for sleep

The mattress is very comfortable. It has a comfortable top but it is a firm mattress. It is very high with the boxspring however and I would go with a low profile boxspring next time. I had no idea of the hight. If you are short you will need a step stool to get on the bed. So far so good as far as the comfort. My child sleeps on this bed and sleeps well. we used to have a firm beauty rest and it was a bit too hard for the child. This really is comfortable as i spent a night or 2 in the bed as well. Its very comfortable

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